About Illinois Audubon Society

The Illinois Audubon Society was organized as an independent, state-wide, educational and scientific organization, incorporated April 10, 1897, by the State of Illinois.

Our mission is “to promote the perpetuation and appreciation of native flora and fauna of Illinois and the habitats that support them.” Fundamental to this end are the control of pollution, the conservation of energy and all natural resources, a sound ecological relationship between human populations and their environments, and the education and involvement of the public in such efforts.



  • To promote public awareness, knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of birds, other wildlife and wildlife habitats.
  • To be a strong and influential voice in environmental affairs in Illinois.
  • To propose and support public programs which seek to protect, restore and enhance the natural environment.
  • To inform the membership and the general public of specific threats to the environment, and to recommend appropriate action.
  • To establish and maintain wildlife sanctuaries in Illinois.
  • To support the accumulation of long-term data on Illinois birds, to be used as an aid to their perpetuation and as an indicator of environmental quality.
  • To provide quality outdoor field experiences for members and the public.
  • To foster voluntary participation in all of the Society’s activities.