Kane County Audubon Society

Kane County Audubon Society (KCAS) is one of the fastest growing chapters with more than 200 members – and increasing. We have monthly meetings at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center (St. Charles) and trips on almost every weekend. Rambles are spontaneous birding events that are announced on the KCAbirdalert mail list. You can be added to this email list by contacting the chapter representative here.

Once people have experienced a KCAS activity, they often mention how friendly the members are, and of their willingness to share in the identification of birds, or just to talk about nature. Monthly raffles take place at the meetings where nature related items are up for the membership to take if their ticket gets called – this helps to put money into our treasury for use in nature type activities. On the first Saturday of every month, since 1993, KCAS walks around Nelson Lake. You are welcome to join us.

We are involved in educating the next generation by going into school and introducing the Junior Bird Feeder Challenge to grades 3 – 5 (we give the schools a bird feeder and bird food to get them started on the Challenge). We have also started Spring Bird Count 4 Youth to get youngsters involved as ‘citizen scientists’, in counting birds and then submitting data to a national database. The national Spring bird count involves adults and we are extending the activity to the young. During the national Great Backyard Bird Count, KCA hosts an event at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center – in many cases this is an introduction to kids (and parents) to actual bird watching.


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Location: St. Charles, Illinois