Springfield Audubon Society

The Springfield chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society began in 1932 as the Springfield Nature League. Under the leadership of Father George Link, the group was quite active in providing nature hikes, lectures, classes, and educational tours. It began sponsoring wildlife films in 1943. In 1960, the Nature League voted to affiliate with the National Audubon Society and changed its name to the Springfield Audubon Society. The group continued to sponsor field trips and nature films, participated in Christmas and spring bird counts, and began cooperative ventures with the Illinois Audubon Society including making a donation to the Save-the-Prairie-Chicken Fund. In 1979, after more than a year of discussion and preparation, the Springfield Audubon Society adopted new by-laws and voted to seek chapter status in the Illinois Audubon Society.

These days, the Springfield Chapter currently:

  • Presents programs on natural history and conservation – Programs are held at the Adams Wildlife Sanctuary, 2315 Clear Lake Ave., on the third Thursday of the month at 6 pm, October through December and February through May.
    Works with other conservation groups to protect local habitats.
  • Monitors the legislative and administrative actions of government. Sponsors letter writing campaigns to affect local issues.
  • Offers a wide range of activities for birders of all levels: Birding 101; field trips to exceptional birding areas; national bird counts.
  • Annual meeting in January features a program and potluck.
  • Assists the Illinois Audubon Society with projects and programs at the Adams Wildlife Sanctuary.


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Location: Springfield, Illinois