Renew Your IAS Membership

Membership* with Illinois Audubon Society is renewed annually based on a member’s start date. Renewal reminders are mailed out 30 days before a membership is due and members are given three reminders before they are considered inactive. If you have received a renewal notice in the mail you may renew here online. You will be also be prompted to join or re-join a local chapter at the same time.

Illinois Audubon Society is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Your membership is tax deductible as permissible by law except for the $15 fair market value of Illinois Audubon magazine included with your membership.

*Your membership is based on your household address and includes all residents at that address.

Renew Your Membership

  • Friend


    Basic Society membership

  • Friend Plus


    Members seeking to provide a higher level of Society support

  • Steward



    Minimum Amount: $50.00

    Members who wish to advance Illinois Audubon’s habitat preservation and education goals at a higher level

  • Guardian



    Minimum Amount: $100.00

    Members and businesses with a strong commitment to land and wildlife conservation

  • Advocate



    Minimum Amount: $500.00

    Members and businesses who want to underwrite the Society’s mission of protecting Illinois flora and fauna and supporting habitat

  • Benefactor



    Minimum Amount: $1,000.00

    Members and businesses who want to help ensure the Society’s continued ability to promote environmental awareness and habitat conservation for future generations

  • Affiliate


    Partners, like-minded nonprofit groups and organizations who support our mission. Affiliates will appear in our magazine and will receive two issues of every magazine to share with their members.

  • Legacy



    Minimum Amount: $5,000.00

    Members and businesses who want to leave a lasting mark on the Society to sustain its long-term activities