Glacial Park Conservation Area (Saturday 7:00 – 11:30 a.m.)


Glacial Park is one of the premier birding locations in McHenry County with a great diversity of habitat including wetland, oak savanna and woodland.  We will be looking for some of our favorite migrants including alder flycatcher, Wilson’s warbler and many others.  If shorebird habitat is present, it can be outstanding with species like short-billed dowitcher, pectoral sandpiper, and lesser yellowlegs being present.  This area is also great for breeding birds.  In the marshes, we can listen for Virginia rail and sora, and in the cattails, yellow-headed blackbird can be present.  The restored prairie habitat hosts breeding Henslow’s sparrows, as well. All walking will be done on well-maintained trails without many difficulties. There are some trails with hills.  If there is recent rain, some trails could be muddy. Expect around two miles of hiking at a leisurely, birder’s pace.  Maximum group size is 15.  Cost of trip includes lunch, program and guided hikes at Volo Bog.


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