Bald Eagle Watch Weekend

Bald Eagle Watch Weekend

January 30 & 31, 2021

Starved Rock Lodge
Illinois Waterway Visitor Center
Starved Rock Visitor Center


Bald Eagle Watch Weekend celebrates the American bald eagle in Illinois.  The two-day event offers many programs, activities and exhibits occurring simultaneously at three locations, the Starved Rock Lodge, Illinois Waterway Visitor and the Starved Rock Visitor Center. They are all within a short driving distance or take the trolley which conveniently connects all venues.  Hop-on and hop-off with a $2.00 All-Day armband available for purchase on the trolley.

Will You see Bald Eagles?

Yes. Usually and the numbers vary year to year and even day to day. Cold weather tends to concentrate the birds by the open water at the dam. When the weather is warmer, birds will hunt up and down the river and there will be fewer to view.

Bald Eagle Watch Visitor Hints

  • If you drive from one side of the river to the other (and back) you can expect to find parking becomes more difficult by mid-day. This means you should budget your time carefully if you are planning to attend various programs.
  • The trolley is a good transportation option. It runs continuously. But you may have to wait for the trolley and therefore you should leave plenty of time before you have to make it across the river and back.
  • Live bird exhibitions do NOT permit entry after the program has begun to insure safety of birds and people. Programs begin on time.
  • Children are welcome and encouraged, of course. Children under two may find the 1 hour live bird presentations too confining. You know your child best. Please be considerate of other attendee