Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary Certification

Would you like to create a bird and butterfly sanctuary in your yard?
Your neighborhood?
At your local school, library, church or business?

Do you enjoy attracting wildlife to your home?
Do you maintain the four elements of habitat: Food, Water, Shelter & Sufficient Space?
Would you like to have a beautiful garden blooming with native flowers from early spring throughout the summer and late into the autumn?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then your property can become a Certified Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary. Your sanctuary can be as small as a few native flowers arranged in a few pots on your patio or as large as a few hundred acres. You can also certify a portion of a local school yard, neighborhood park, library gardens, church yard, a farm field or grass strip, or an entire corporate campus. Approved applicants will receive a sign for display.  Keep scrolling for more information.

How to certify your backyard or property

  • Understand and maintain the four elements of habitat:  FOOD, SHELTER, WATER, SPACE
  • Agree to use a minimal amount of chemicals
  • Help educate others on the importance of native habitat
  • Send in your application form online or by mail-in with $20 fee

Begin Application Here
Information on How to Create, Improve and Maintain Native Habitat