Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary Certification

Do you enjoy attracting wildlife to your property? Do you maintain the four elements of habitat? Your property can become a Certified Illinois Audubon Society Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary.



To help get started, request a copy of “The Journey to Restore Native Habitat.”  Click here to request a copy.  Please include your mailing address.

Or download a copy of The Journey to Restore Habitat right now.

How to certify your backyard or property

  • Understand and maintain the four elements of habitat:  FOOD, SHELTER, WATER, SPACE
  • Agree to use a minimal amount of chemicals
  • Help educate others on the importance of native habitat
  • Send in your application form and fee; $15 for Illinois Audubon Society members, $20 for non-members
  • Mail in the Bird & Butterfly Sanctuary Application form. (PDF) OR apply online using the form below.