Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey

The Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey takes place during the first two weeks of January each year. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) coordinates the Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey, in which several hundred individuals count eagles along standard, non-overlapping survey routes. For more details on the history of the count, see Background/History of the Survey.

Here in Illinois, the January survey is coordinated by Illinois Audubon Society. Each year, dozens of volunteers spend the day counting eagles along 45 designated routes. Results are submitted to the USACE.

Download the 1992-2018 Illinois count statistics here

Thank you to the 2018 Illinois Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey Team:
Ed Anderson, Bill Atwood, Richard Call, Dean Corgiat, Roger Digges, Jan Eaton, Jo Fessett, Dale Foll, Ray Geroff, Jim Herkert, Cathie Hutcheson, Tim Kelley, Linda Kellough, Chris Krusa, Dan Martin, Kelly McKay, Ingram Mike, Mike Miller, Angella Moorehouse, Jacques Nuzzo, Randy Nyboer, Mark Phipps, Scott Simpson, Brad Smith, Pete Weber, Alex Winner, Dan Wood, Allen Yow