2024 Annual Gathering

2024 Annual Gathering
May 10-11
Savannah, Illinois

Field Trips Guided by
Red Hill Birding
Registration Opens February 2, 2024

Saturday Banquet Guest Speaker:
Dr. James D. Paruk

James D. Paruk is one of the world’s leading experts on the Common Loon. Paruk has studied breeding and wintering loons in several states and Canada for 30 years. He recently wrote a book entitled, Loon Lessons: Uncommon Encounters with the Great Northern Diver published by the University of Minnesota Press. The book provides the most current detailed account of what we know about loon biology, behavior, and conservation. Currently, he is a Professor of Biology at St. Joseph’s College, in Maine.

We are traveling to the northwest part of the state in 2024 – an area well-known for spotting spring migrants. Red Hill Birding will lead field trips to places such as Mississippi Palisades State Park, Lost Mound National Wildlife Refuge, Ayres Sand Prairie, Spring Lake and spots along the river.

On Friday night we will offer late evening birding at Lost Mound National Wildlife Refuge as we wait for sunset to listen for–and hopefully see–Eastern Whip-poor wills.