Illinois Wilds Institute for Nature (IWIN)

Field Classes on the Biodiversity and Natural History of Illinois

Illinois Wilds Institute for Nature workshops (IWIN) allow everyday citizens with an interest in nature to have enjoyable and educational field experiences with professional scientists. The Illinois Wilds Institute for Nature (IWIN) is conducted by Michael Jeffords and Susan Post throughout Illinois. Together with a selection of guest experts, they form a corp of knowledge for each class. These education teams are passionate about their science and engaging in their instruction. The most common comment from IWIN participants is “I feel like a kid again, as I can explore nature.”   Course participants will be exposed to a great variety of organisms, study their life cycles, explore various behaviors and even learn ways to monitor the status of these unique creatures.

A typical IWIN experience covers two days and two overnights.  Immersed in learning, new discoveries and adventure, each class builds a camaraderie that unfolds when a group of like-minded individuals are enjoying nature for the pure joy of its existence.  Members of Illinois Audubon Society are given priority sign-up and may register two weeks before the general public.  Tuition covers meals, snacks, water and classroom materials.

Piny Creek RavineTrail of TearsIWIN Classroom