Tales from the Archives

Featuring excerpts of history from The Audubon Bulletin, Illinois Audubon magazine, and various other sources of documentation from our first 125 years.

Guest readers will give you a glimpse of the world of conservation, bird watching and society issues written by members and sometimes, well-know names in the world of bird conservation and ornithology. You may find that although the language seems a bit archaic, the mission and values of the Illinois Audubon Society have stayed the same.

As segments are released they will be posted here.

Tracy Zeman
Adams Wildlife Sanctuary Coordinator (2013-2016)
The Audubon Bulletin, March 1951
A History of the Illinois Audubon Society
by Charles O. Decker, Chicago, Honorary Director

Con Bateman
Faulstich Printing Company, Danville, Illinois
The Audubon Bulletin, Spring 1916
The Birth of Illinois Audubon Society Bulletin
by Orpheus Schantz, President, Illinois Audubon Society