Natural Land Institute honors Deb Carey, Illinois Audubon Board of Directors, with annual Fell Award

Deb Carey, Illinois Audubon Society Board of Directors, has been awarded the 2018 George and Barbara Fell Award by the Natural Land Institute.

Deb is a naturalist, educator and administrator, as well as a tireless advocate for the preservation and restoration of natural lands in Lee County and the lower Rock River watershed. She has spearheaded the preservation of Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve, Gremel Wildlife Sanctuary, Ryan Wetland and Sand Prairie, and Lowell Forest Nature Preserve, and helps to manage local natural areas through the Lee County Natural Area Guardians, a subcommittee of the Lee County Soil & Water Conservation District. Deb has served on-and-off as chair of the Lee County Natural Area Guardians and was the first President of the Birdsong Chapter of Illinois Audubon Society. Deb is lead steward at Illinois Audubon Society’s Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve and Gremel Wildlife Sanctuary.

Deb Carey embodies the persistent care and work that is often needed to protect a natural area. Her skills as a manager of volunteers, an educator, grant writer, and advocate are what are needed to get the job done, even if it takes many years. She sees a need and does whatever it takes, and enlists whoever she can to get it done.

The award is named for George and Barbara Fell who founded the Natural Land Institute in 1958 and devoted their lives to the protection of natural areas in Illinois. They were committed to protecting Illinois’ natural heritage so rare and endangered plant and animal species would be here for future generations.

2 thoughts on “Natural Land Institute honors Deb Carey, Illinois Audubon Board of Directors, with annual Fell Award

  1. Deb is truly a treasure and invaluable resource for the conservation of the flora and fauna in Lee County Illinois. Deb sets the pace for others to follow.

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