2018 Summer Magazine Insert: Young Naturalist

For more than 100 years Illinois Audubon Society members have carried on a proud tradition of engaging youth—tomorrow’s leaders. The leading goal of the organization when founded in 1897 was to “encourage the study of birds, particularly in the schools, and to disseminate literature relating to them.”

In the summer 2018 edition of our magazine we premier our first youth-oriented insert and showcase some youth birding programs taking place around the state. Download and print a copy of the 2018 Summer Young Naturalist insert for a youth in your life here.  hare this opportunity with teachers, youth group leaders and parents, and ask that they use this tool to encourage youth to embrace the joys a life of birding can bring.

We plan to publish periodic youth-oriented inserts and welcome input on other birding programs we can highlight, as well as ideas for future content.

One thought on “2018 Summer Magazine Insert: Young Naturalist

  1. “Young Naturalist” insert is a terrific idea. Hooray! Praise goes to the Audubon Magazine for sending a significant message to young people: “Hey, kids, go ahead, let everyone know you care about nature and want to spend time outdoors.” Wonderful is the insert’s artistry (illustrations, design, and the featured children’s works).

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