Birder’s Notebook; Green Heron

Birder’s Notebook by Bob Andrini; 24 August Entry. One of the most common birds we see around marshes and on the river is the Green Heron.  The scientific name of the Green Heron is Butorides virescens: Butorides refers to resembling a bittern – virescens is in reference to ‘become green’ (relating to its green back).

These birds love water, for hunting and nesting. While hunting, they may drop a twig or some debris onto the water that breaks the surface tension and attracts aquatic critters to the surface – and their dinner comes to them!!

The pictures show the Green Heron in an unusual place perched atop some Cottonwoods, their typical flight pattern and some feeding action.

Major ID field marks for the Green Heron include: black crown, chestnut brown face and neck with white throat and belly; back may show mixture of brown and green iridescence.

2 thoughts on “Birder’s Notebook; Green Heron

  1. We have a group of six little green herons that have been seen several times recently at Hampson North Wetland at Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve. A family group? Early migration?

  2. Thanks for the Birder’s Notebook feature. In the entry for the Green Heron, I believe you have repeated the two images. The one of the bird at rest shows how well camouflaged these guys are in their typical habitat.

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