Society expands Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve

The Illinois Audubon Society has purchased a 20-acre parcel to be added to the Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve in Amboy, Illinois.

Acquisition of this parcel will restore one more piece to the natural landscape that was once the 100,000-acre-plus complex of wetlands in Lee County called Inlet and Winnebago Swamps.

The parcel was once part of a several hundred-acre family farm and still includes a few acres of farmed land, a good quality wetland and an oak savanna.

“The Illinois Audubon Society is pleased to add the wetlands and savanna at this parcel to our Amboy Marsh Preserve” said Executive Director Jim Herkert. “We are grateful to the Ryback family who, for generations, have looked after the natural features of this unique tract, and we are excited to be able to provide permanent protection to these rare natural communities.”

The Ryback addition will aid in the Society’s efforts to protect species of concern and the native plants and animals that inhabit the site.  Funds from the Society’s Marilyn Campbell Land Acquisition and Stewardship Fund assisted with the purchase.

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