Illinois Audubon Society Purchases Land in Lee County

The Illinois Audubon Society has purchased an 80-acre addition to the 352-acre Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve (Lee County).

The addition contains highly restorable sand woodlands and savannas interspersed with small wetlands and wet sand prairies. “This land will provide immediate food, shelter and breeding areas for native fauna, and safe habitat for native flora,” said Deb Carey, Illinois Audubon Society President.

The parcel is in the Green River Lowlands Natural Division of Illinois. The Green River Lowlands are known to provide suitable habitat for several state-listed endangered and threatened species. Acquisition of the parcel contributes to the Society’s long-term goal to permanently preserve safe breeding habitat for the state-endangered Blanding’s turtle, state-threatened plains hog-nosed snake and state-threatened ornate box turtle, which occur at the nearby Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve and scattered sites within the Green River Lowlands.

Funding for the acquisition comes from the recent bequest of Gil and Mary Hebard (Knoxville, Illinois).

“The bequest received from the Hebards has strengthened our ability to focus on our mission of land protection in Illinois,” commented Jim Herkert, Executive Director. “Illinois Audubon Society also recognizes the Grigalauski family for their desire to preserve this land for the enjoyment of future generations.” The Society will oversee the placement of two dedication stones and a bench in honor of the Grigalauski Family sometime in 2022.

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