Illinois Audubon Society Increases Land Protected Acreage in Lee County

The Illinois Audubon Society has increased the size of its’ Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve (Lee County) by 133 acres with the latest purchase of five parcels with assistance from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation. In addition to the funds received for land acquisition, the Foundation’s grant also includes $27,650 in restoration assistance through their Advancing Wetland Conservation program.

Located in the Green River Lowlands Natural Division of Illinois, the Illinois Audubon Society’s Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve now totals 540 acres.  Management and restoration priorities for these acquisitions will focus on stewardship of a high-quality sedge meadow located in one of the properties. “High-quality sedge meadows such as this are quite rare and support a number of rare species,” commented Jim Herkert, Executive Director.  Stewardship of the riparian areas along Green River is also part of the management goals.

“Once again, the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation has stepped up to assist organizations such as Illinois Audubon Society meet their goals for land protection in Illinois,” said Deb Carey, President, Illinois Audubon Society Board of Directors. “They also realize that acquisition is only the first step, and that additional funds for restoration are key to the success of any project.”

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