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Dear Friend and Members,

One hundred and twenty-five years ago, the Illinois Audubon Society formed to fight the slaughter of birds for their feathers. A small dedicated group met in Chicago, determined to protect birds such as herons and egrets from potential extinction in the name of fashion. Their dedication and passion for protecting birds was only the beginning as the Society would later become advocates for protecting migratory birds, birds of prey and endangered species such as the greater prairie-chicken and American bald eagle.

As President of the Board of Directors, I am proud to take an active part in helping the oldest nonprofit conservation organization in Illinois maintain its mission. I believe that the Society’s work in land protection and natural resource education has, and will continue, to make an impact in Illinois.

Through my experience on the board, I have contributed my time to help the society achieve successful land acquisitions, launch restoration projects and supported the development of educational field trips and events attended by members and non-members. This volunteer commitment has provided me with a knowledge and understanding of what it takes to maintain the resources necessary to accomplish these tasks.

What is your reason for being a member?  Perhaps it is our work in land and water protection in Illinois, the opportunity to stay informed by receiving the Illinois Audubon magazine, field trips with the Society and local chapters or a connection to a particular sanctuary or project.  I am asking you to sponsor your personal passion by giving a year-end gift of support. Your donation is a vote of confidence and will help continue our work into our 126th year and beyond.

On behalf of myself , the Illinois Audubon Society Board of Directors and staff, thank you for making a difference.

Randy Schietzelt, President
Illinois Audubon Society Board of Directors


Donate here. Our online payment process provides space for you to let us know if you would like to designate your donation to the following areas:

  • Land Protection & Stewardship – Land purchases, stewardship and restoration costs.
  • Education – Magazine costs, field trips, youth programs, annual events, chapter support and informational brochures.
  • General Support – These funds help us keep operating – expenses such as salaries, supplies, utilities, annual fees for services, maintenance and repair and legal fee.

If paying by check, mail to Illinois Audubon Society, PO Box 2547, Springfield IL, 62708.  Please note on the memo line that this donation is for our Annual Appeal and include a favorite designation if desired.


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