A letter from our President, Randy Schietzelt

Dear Friends,

For over a century the Illinois Audubon Society has been helping to foster the connection between native plants, animals, people and natural lands. Together, as members of Illinois Audubon Society, we serve on the front line of a growing wave of the conservation movement because of generations of conservationists who came before us. More important is the work that lies ahead; recruiting new minds, new advocates, defenders and stewards who will continue to protect natural areas for birds and all the creatures on this Earth.

Our mission focuses on two very important elements: the appreciation of native plants and animals and protecting the habitats that support them. We accomplish this by:

Providing opportunities to learn about and enjoy nature through field trips, programs such the Backyard Bird & Butterfly Sanctuary, publishing an entertaining and informative magazine and by supporting our chapters so that they can multiply our efforts.

Protecting the best remaining natural habitats in Illinois from the Ozark Natural Division where we protected the recharge area of Fogelpole Cave which contains the endangered cave amphipod, a tiny subterranean creature that exists nowhere else but there, to the Grand Prairie Division (Prairie Ridge State Natural Area, H&B Bremer Sanctuary), the sandy lowlands of Lee County (Green River Lowlands Preserve) to the Northeastern Morainal Region (Bottlemy and Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge).

These great accomplishments do not happen without dedication and determination of members, volunteers who steward our sanctuaries and run our chapters, volunteers who participate on committees and members of our board who earnestly give hours of their time. Because of this and generous financial gifts, we are able to continue to protect and preserve Illinois’ natural areas and increase awareness of the natural world around and within us.

Each year we come to our members with a request to help us continue forging ahead, to remain a conservation leader in the state of Illinois and engage the stewards of tomorrow. Your tax-deductible contribution can be critical in helping to fund the following three areas:

  • Land Protection & Stewardship: Land purchases, stewardship restoration costs.
  • Education: Magazine costs, field trips, youth programs, annual events, chapter support, informational brochures.
  • General Support: These funds help us keep operating – expenses such as salaries, supplies, utilities, annual fees for services, maintenance, repair, legal fees.

On behalf of myself, the Illinois Audubon Society Board of Directors and staff, thank you for your support now, throughout the year and into the future.

Randy Schietzelt, President, Illinois Audubon Society Board of Directors

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photo by Jeanie Klein

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