Junior Bird Feeder Challenge

The Junior Bird Feeder Challenge introduces youth to the world of citizen science while learning about the process of scientific inquiry. The program is targeted for third through sixth grade but is easily adapted for younger or older students.

Participating educators or youth leaders will receive: a curriculum guide, reporting forms, images of 10 common winter birds provided on a flash drive,  full-color bird identification chart, study sheets and quizzes. (Downloadable materials can be found below.)

The Junior Bird Feeder Challenge is a nature study program with the following goals:

  • Students will learn to identify birds that visit feeders in the winter
  • Students will engage in hands-on science and math activities as they collect data about the birds that visit the feeder
  • Students may ask scientific questions and conduct experiments to answer the questions
  • Students can submit their data for use by scientists who study birds
  • Teachers can meet State Learning Goals in Science, Math and other disciplines

To register or find out more, Contact the Education Committee.

Junior Bird Feeder Challenge Forms & Materials